Friday, June 23, 2017

Philippines' GMA Network, News TV win 12 awards

"I-Witness: Busal (Muzzled)"

Entrants from The Philippines have won 12 awards, including a First Place, in the 2017 International Film & Video Festival competition.  One entry also was nominated for Best of Festival-Documentary.

GMA Network Inc., Quezon City, captured a Best of Festival nomination and a Gold Camera statuette for "I-Witness: Busal (Muzzled)" in Documentary: Public Affairs Programs. The agency also earned four second place Silver Screen statuettes for "I-Witness: Body Collector" in Documentary: Current Affairs; "Front Row: Bata sa Bintana (The Boy by the Window") in Documentary: Health, Medical; and "Front Row: Mga Barya ni Lola Maria (Coins for Grandma Maria") in Documentary: Biography, and "Il Bilib" in Entertainment: Children's.

GMA Network received Certificates for Creative Excellence for "Reporter's Notebook: Pasang-Pasang Pangarap (The Weight of a Dream) in Documentary: News Programming;  "Alamat: Ang Bakunawa at ang Pitong Buwan (Legend: The Sea Serpent and 'the Seven Moons')" in Entertainment: Children's. GMA Network Inc., Metro Manila, won a Certificate for Creative Excellence for "Idol sa Kusina" in Entertainment: Cooking.

GMA News TV (GMA Network Inc.), Quezon City, won second place Silver Screen statuettes for "Motorcycle Diaries: Lason sa Paraiso (Poison Paradise") in Documentary: Environment, Ecology, and "Reel Time: Maling Akala (Costly War)" in Documentary: Political, Government. The agency also earned Certificates for "Brigada: Abo at Tubig (The Brigade: Bathed in Ashes)" in Documentary: Magazine Format and "Reel Time: Insinulat sa Tubig (Forgotten Children of the Waves) in Documentary: Social Issues.

Entries from 25 countries competed in the festival's 50th year. The overall competition awarded 104 awards, including 24 First Place Gold Camera statuettes, 37 Silver Screen Awards, 42 Certificates for Creative Excellence and one Student Award. Full details on winners are posted at

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