Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In Japan for Awards, Cicadas

July 28--Here I am in Japan to present two Best of Festival Awards and Gold Camera Awards and Silver Screen Awards to the two main broadcasters – NHK and MBS.

Arrived late in the afternoon on Tuesday in Osaka, a wonderful city with a lot of history and

the headquarters of MBS (Mainichi Broadcasting). This morning, I took the time to wander around the area near my hotel to adjust to the high temps (35 C) and could hear very little of the city sounds because of the noise from the cicadas. Wow, I’m talking about loud. Wonder if this is like the 17-year locusts I’ve experienced over the year in the States.

It’ll be a very busy afternoon when the events begin at 3 at MBS with many

of the senior executives, international department execs, and the producers from both MBS and AMUSE Inc, who jointly produced the Best of Festival winners: “A Passionate Challenger, Alice Sara Ott: Born to be a Pianist,” a wonderful production.

Early in the morning, I’m taking the Bullet Train (Shinkansen) from here to Tokyo to present at NHK for its winning productions and Best of Festival Award: “Light of the River.” NHK has been one of the landmark winners for its productions over the years so I am looking forward to my awards presentation there. Last year, they were co-producers of the Best of Festival winner: “Supermen of Malegaon.” I went to Singapore during the Asian Pitch to present that award.

--Lee Gluckman, Filmfest Chairman

Pictured here is Atsuhiko Sumoto, Manager, International Relations, MBS.

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