Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Indigenous teen drama series wins Certificate

Cast of  'Ready for This'

Australian filmmakers Werner Film Productions and Blackfella Films, Sydney, NSW, earned a Certificate for Creative Excellence in the 2016 US International Film & Video Festival for "Ready for This," a 14-part teen drama series with a largely indigenous cast.

Werner (“Dance Academy”) and Blackfella (“Redfern Now”) set the drama in inner city Sydney.
The teenagers, all elite in their own field, have come to live at Arcadia House in pursuit of their dreams. What they find is opportunity, how to tackle loneliness and the meaning of family.

The series was produced by Big Chance Films for ABC, in association with Screen Australia and Screen NSW. Program creators are Joanna Werner, Darren Dale, Liz Doran and Miranda Dear. Producers are Werner and Dear. The entry won in Entertainment.

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