Monday, July 11, 2016

Swiss 'Self-Determination' Film Demonstrates Simplicity

Filmmakers often struggle to find an artistic and creative way to communicate the theme of their work with elaborate plans and on-site filming. But sometimes the exact opposite does the job in a more memorable way.

Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG, Zurich won a Certificate for Creative Excellence in the 2016 U.S. International Film & Video Festival for  "Swiss Life: Facts," an introduction and overview of the Swiss Life Group, Zurich, its markets and its life and pensions and financial solutions. It is an entertaining information film that helps the viewer become familiar with the corporation.

But it is Seed's second entry, "Swiss Life: Self-Determination," which also captured a Certificate for Creative Excellence, that can grip its viewer in the first few seconds and hold attention. The film covers three minutes in which persons from 3 years to 103 years of age explain in a sentence or two what self-determination means to them. It underlines the Swiss Life Group's point that we all want to be in a particular place in life and that to get there we should do some careful planning for our financial security, in essence that a key to a longer, self-determined life is financial preparation. The message is blended with precious faces and lots of smiles as participants open their hearts about what is most important to their happiness.

Seed Audio-Visual's Producer for the film was Felix Courvoisier; Director: Elias Ressegatti; and Editor: Christoph Menzi. Cinematographer was Daryl Hefti and Writer was Sam Knaus.  
Triplets Studio provided sound by Christian Schlumpf, Martin Skalsky and Michael Duss. Watch the video at

Other Swiss awards included:

The Swiss Armed Forces Electronic Media Center, Bern, captured a first place Gold Camera Award for "Touch the Limits-Being Better When It Counts" in Professional Development & Continuing Education. The entry also was named Best of Festival in the Education category. The film was made for SPHAIR, Dubendorf. The film informs the viewer of the challenges awaiting if a decision is made to try out for the Parascouts, who may do covert reconnaissance and information-gathering for 10 days at a time as an element of the Swiss Armed Forces. The Producers were Markus Lengen and Mike L├╝scher; Director: Christian Dietiker;  Cinematographer: Marc Bachmann; Editor: Simon Kipfer and Sound: Silvio Ramseier.

The Swiss Armed Forces also won a Certificate for Creative Excellence for "Cooperante-Joint Rescue Mission" in Corporate: Public Relations. During Exercise Cooperante, civilian rescue teams, the Swiss civil protection organization and the Swiss Armed Forces practiced the operations they would need to perform well in the event of a major emergency to guarantee the safety of the public.

Other Swiss entries earning awards: International Trade Center, Geneva, earned a Certificate for "An Introduction to Kayah State, Myanmar" in Corporate: Tourism Films; and Lichtspiele 'The Film Agency,' Zurich, took a Certificate for "SBB The Heartbeat of Switzerland" in Corporate Communications: Employee/Internal.

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