Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Great visit to COLAS in Paris to deliver awards

The COLAS winning group, from right, are: Sophie Sadeler, Corporate Communications Director ;
Louis Gabanna, Managing Director North America; Thierry Méline, Managing Director France;
Jean-Charles Broizat, Wattway by Colas Manager; Hervé Le Bouc, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer;
Lee Gluckman of FilmFest; Didier Clerens, Arizona Films, producer; Patrick Vanderbroeck, Arizona Films, film director, and Magdalena Dulac, Audiovisual communication.
Lee Gluckman was in Paris today visiting the creative minds behind “Wattway – Solar Road,” which highlights a French experiment using solar panels on a roadway to generate electricity. The film won a First Place Gold Camera and Best of Festival award in the 2016 competition.
It also received the One World Awards, to be presented later this year at a gathering of the award's sponsor, International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ).

Join us in congratulating the team that made "Wattway" possible. The production company was Arizona Films, Brussels. Didier Clerens, Arizona Films producer, and Patrick Vanderbroeck, Arizona Films, film director, were on hand for the presentation. Many thanks to Magdalena for getting photos to us so quickly.

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