Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ceremony honors SuperMemo interactive English movie 'Olive Green'

SuperMemo World in Poznan, Poland, has been providing innovative solutions for foreign language learning for more than 20 years. As FilmFest chairman Lee Gluckman underlined during an awards presentation ceremony at the company offices in September 2015: “What you have created in the framework of your business to improve education and language studies I think has really been way out of the curve.” 

Krzysztof Biedalak (right), Board President of SuperMemo World, 
and Mike Saraswat, Ekstasy production company.

 “Olive Green,” an online project that combines an interactive movie, a computer game and an English learning application, won Best of Festival-Entertainment. It was produced for SuperMemo by Ekstasy Ltd. of Harrow, U.K., and also received a Gold Camera Award in Entertainment: Entertainment Programs: Action / Adventure.  

The movie can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play; find previews here 'Olive Green' on iTunes  and on Google Play 

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