Saturday, September 12, 2015

Meeting the "Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm" documentary creators

Deutsche Welle’s “Gutenberg in the Cyberstorm” documentary team (from left): Rolf Rische, producer; Bettina Kolb, writer; Susanne Lenz-Gleissner, director; Kate Müser, presenter in the film; Samira Schellhaass, writer; Maria Regenspurger, graphics. The company won Best of Festival for a film that looks at the book in the digital age.  Filmfest chief Lee Gluckman visited DW in Berlin the week of Sept. 7 to present the awards, which included a Gold Camera and Best of Festival statuettes. Watch the documentary
Learn more about the making of the film with this behind-the-scenes look from Director Lenz-Gleissner and camerawoman Kolb.  Making of "Cyberstorm"
Deutsche Welle is a public television service that broadcasts worldwide. 

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