Saturday, July 27, 2013

FilmFest Friend on Location

Check out this photo of Donna Svanberg of Capitol Productions, Australia, on site filming in The Philippines. 
Donna headed the 2013 judging committee for FilmFest One World Award, sponsored by the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers. IQ recognizes a production that fosters world understanding. The winner will be revealed soon. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

WRG Qatar Wins Award for UN Climate Conference Special Film

 WRG Qatar, Doha, has won a Gold Camera Award in Specialty Production and a Silver Screen for Editing for the film "COP18/CMPS Climate Change Conference." The awards were  announced in July by US International Film & Video Conference for its 2013 competition. Only 18 Gold Camera Awards were given.
The widescreen film was done for The United Nations Framework Convention opening on Climate Change. The filming crew faced special challenges to accomplish the task. Since the head table and lectern had to remain onstage at all times during the conference opening, WRG created a 25-minute centerpiece film focusing on individuals from around the world who are fighting climate change.
WRG had five weeks to research, shoot and edit the film, which involved 36,183 miles of travel across the Maldives and Madagascar, Germany and the UAE, New York and Qatar.  Middle East Event Awards last night, winning two prestigious awards.
The production also won Best Meeting or Conference from the Middle East Event Awards in Dubai. WRG is headquartered in Manchester, England.
The US International Film & Video Festival competition has been held since 1967 and recognizes outstanding Corporate, Education, Entertainment, Documentary and Student productions. Entrants from 22 countries received 113 awards in the 2013 US International Film & Video Festival. Overall entrants came from 24 countries.  
Full details on winners are posted at

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Films from Switzerland, U.S, Austria, Canada take top awards

“Sweet Tokyo,” produced by Seed Audio-Visual Communication AG, Zurich, for Confiseur L├Ąderach AG, Ennenda, Switzerland, was chosen Best of Festival-Corporate. Luki Frieden directed with Felix Courvosier as producer and Michael Saxer, director of photography. .  
            The visually powerful "Hummingbirds-Jeweled Messengers" from Terra Mater Factual Studios and Free Spirit Films Production, Vienna, was selected Best of Festival – Documentary.  
            Best of Festival – Entertainment went to “Stars,” produced by LLeju Productions in  Houston and not yet released. Director was Derek Borte and writer was Jim Janosky. Mark Kassen, Tom Bower, and Kathryn Hahn head the cast.
Fake Products Report Wins One World Award
            The One World Award, sponsored by the International Quorum of Motion Picture Producers (IQ), went to “Counterfeit Culture,” a documentary on the $700-billion world of fake products, including counterfeit pharmaceuticals, electronic goods, car parts and microchips. The film was produced by Tell Tale Productions, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Director was Halifax-based Geoff D’Eon.